small japanese tea cups

Why are Japanese Tea Cups Small?

Japanese tea cups are famously small, and there are a few reasons for this.

small japanese cups
Convenience: Japanese tea cups are designed to hold less liquid so that they can savor each sip. This is important in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, where the tea is meant to be enjoyed slowly and deliberately.
Tradition: The tradition of small tea cups dates back to the 12th century, when tea was first introduced to Japan from China. Chinese tea cups were also small, and this tradition was adopted by the Japanese.
Culture: In Japan, tea is seen as an important part of daily life. It is often used as a way to relax and socialize with friends and family. Smaller tea cups are more portable and easier to share, which makes them ideal for these occasions.

    Which Size Teacup Is Right for You?

    Ultimately, the best size teacup for you is a matter of personal preference. If you enjoy savoring your tea slowly, then a small teacup may be the way to go. However, if you prefer to drink your tea quickly or if you have a large appetite, then a larger teacup may be more comfortable.

    tea cups

    Here are some things to consider when choosing a teacup size:

    • The type of tea you are drinking: Some teas are more delicate than others and may be better suited to a smaller teacup. For example, green tea is often served in small cups so that the flavor can be fully appreciated.
    • The occasion: If you are drinking tea for a special occasion, such as a tea ceremony, you may want to choose a larger teacup. This will give you more to drink and will make the experience more enjoyable.
    • Your personal preference: Ultimately, the best way to decide which size teacup is right for you is to experiment and see what you like best.
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