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Stripe Glass Cup with Lid and Straw

Stripe Glass Cup with Lid and Straw

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Introducing our stylish and versatile Stripe Glass Cup Set, perfect for elevating your daily beverage experience. This set, available in either 1 or 2 pieces, is designed to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, making it a great addition to any kitchen or dining table. Crafted from high-quality transparent glass adorned with elegant stripes, these cups boast a generous 450 ml (16 fl oz) capacity, ideal for a wide range of drinks, from refreshing iced coffee to soothing tea, vibrant juices, nourishing milk, and simple yet essential water.


Key Features:

  • Generous Capacity: Each cup holds up to 450 ml (16 fl oz), perfect for your favorite beverages.
  • Elegant Design: The transparent glass with a minimalist stripe pattern adds a touch of sophistication to your drinkware collection.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various drinks, including iced coffee, tea, juice, milk, and water.
  • Convenient Accessories: It comes with a durable lid and a reusable straw, enhancing your drinking experience while being eco-friendly.
  • Quality Material: Made from premium glass, these cups are not only durable but also easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and longevity.


  • Material: High-Quality Glass
  • Capacity: 450ml (16 fl oz)
  • Package Options: Available in 1PC or 2PC sets
  • Accessories Included: Lid and Straw
  • Design: Transparent with Stripe Pattern

Perfect For:

  • Home Use: Upgrade your home drinkware with these stylish and functional cups.
  • Gift Idea: A thoughtful and practical gift for friends and family who appreciate a blend of style and functionality in their kitchen.
  • Outdoor Events: With lids and straws, these cups are perfect for picnics, garden parties, or any outdoor gatherings.

Embrace the blend of style and practicality with our Stripe Glass Cup Set. Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee, hydrating with water, or winding down with tea, these cups are designed to enhance your drinking experience while adding a touch of elegance to your day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Carolina Weissnat

Love love this cup but the packing was bad

Judd Hermiston

It arrived in the US with safe-wrapping.
I'm really satisfied with the package.
The item itself is good, however, the cover seems cheep. However, if you have another cover used for 12oz (I guess), you can replace it with them.

Erwin Schumm

I love this cup I use it every day! I get so many compliments on it

Gust Mohr

Very well packed and protected. The glass glass is thick, resistant. The lid is made of plastic and you have to be careful when removing it so that it does not break because it is very airtight with the glass. But it's great. It has hole for the straw that can be covered so that the heat does not come out and, also another piece that allows you to drink nozzle mode without having to remove the lid.

Annalise Schoen

Glass made of resistant materials, rubber cap. There is no straw delivered with unfortunately. Can also be used as glass without the lid. I recommend.