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Efficient Ultrasonic Blackhead and Dirt Remover

Efficient Ultrasonic Blackhead and Dirt Remover

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Introducing the Ultrasonic Blackhead Remover - Your Solution for Clearer Skin

  • Weight: 0.76 lbs
  • Brand: Mickey
  • Released in: 2018
  • Key Feature: Ultrasonic Technology
  • Color: Imported Champagne Gold
  • Model Number: 026
  • Operating Mode: Ultrasonic Vibration
  • Exclusive Cross-Border Export Source: No
  • Product Highlight: Efficient Ultrasonic Ion Cleanser Technology

This innovative device by Mickey harnesses the power of ultrasonic vibrations to effectively remove blackheads, dirt, and unclog pores, leaving your skin clear and refreshed. Don't miss out on the beauty revolution!

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