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Stainless Steel Butter Knife

Stainless Steel Butter Knife

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This 3-in-1 stainless steel butter knife

In need of a versatile and reliable butter knife? Look no further than our 3-in-1 stainless steel butter knife. This exceptional knife is designed for bread cutting, butter curling, and spreading, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen utensil collection.

Constructed with high quality stainless steel, this knife is not only remarkably durable but also easy to store and clean. Its serrated edge ensures effortless butter slicing, while its suitability for soft butter guarantees a smooth and enjoyable spreading experience. Please note that this knife is unsuitable for hard butter.


  • 3-in-1 functionality for bread cutting, butter curling, and spreading
  • Constructed of high quality stainless steel for durability
  • Serrated edge for effortless butter slicing
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