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Microfiber Steam Mop for Effortless Sparkle

Microfiber Steam Mop for Effortless Sparkle

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Ditch the bucket and embrace effortless shine with the Microfiber Steam Mop! This cleaning powerhouse tackles dirt, grime, and even stubborn stuck-on messes with the power of superheated steam, leaving your floors sparkling clean in seconds. Its microfiber pad grabs and holds dirt like a champ, while the sleek design maneuvers around furniture with ease. Say goodbye to backaches and hello to sparkling floors – order your Microfiber Steam Mop today!


  • Material: Microfiber fabric, aluminum pole
  • Capacity: <300ml (10.14 oz)
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Heat-up time: 1-2 minutes
  • Continuous steaming time: <15 minutes
  • Wringing method: Sliding type
  • Mop head material: Synthetic cloth
  • Dehydration rate: 80-90%
  • Weight: <2kg ( 4.41 pounds.)
  • Package includes: Mop with 1 microfiber pad

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