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Bamboo Whisk Matcha Tea Spoon Set

Bamboo Whisk Matcha Tea Spoon Set

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Unleash the Magic of Matcha!

Experience the art of matcha-making with our handcrafted bamboo whisk set. Hand-pruned bristles whip up a luscious, frothy crema, while the sleek scoop and spoon ensure perfect precision. Say goodbye to the bitterness of metal whisks and savor the true taste of matcha.



Key Features:

  • Authentic Handcrafted Whisk: Experience the traditional Japanese tea ceremony like never before.
  • Effortless Frothing: Achieve creamy froth with ease.
  • Precise Portions: The included scoop and spoon guarantee perfect measurements for every cup.
  • Easy Care & Storage: Simply rinse and dry for lasting enjoyment.

Choose Your Set:

Start your daily matcha ritual today! Choose the perfect set for your needs:

  • Whisk Only
  • Whisk + Spoon
  • Whisk + Spoon + Ceramic Bowl (optional)

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  • Whisk Size: 4.1" x 2.36" (H x W)
  • Scoop Size: 7" x 0.4"
  • Spoon Size: 6.3" x 1.2"
  • Material: Bamboo (Whisk & Scoop), Ceramic (Bowl - optional)
  • Colors: Natural Bamboo

Package Includes:

Choose the perfect set for your needs: Whisk only, Whisk + Spoon, or Whisk + Spoon + Ceramic Bowl.

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