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Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head

Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head

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Looking for a shower head that caters to your unique needs and preferences? Look no further than our 3-Settings Adjustable Shower Head! With three distinct modes, this shower head offers something for everyone, whether you're a child, adult, disabled, camper, pet, or puppy.

Type: Handheld Shower Head

Installation Type: Hand

Hold Type: Fixed

Support Type Model Number: Black Shower Head

Shower Shape: Round Surface

Finishing: None Shower

Head Feature: Water Saving Shower

Head Material: ABS Plastic

Style: Single Head

Smart Device: No

Color: Grey / Black

Applicable: Bathroom



High Pressured

Water Saving

Rainfall Shower Head

Adjustable Stop Button

Built-in filter

Shower Head for bathroom.


      Yes (Semi-choice)

        Our Shower Head Features:

        • Water Saving: Our shower head is designed to conserve water while still providing a satisfying shower experience.
        • Filter: Our shower head includes a built-in filter that helps remove impurities from your water, ensuring a clean and refreshing shower every time.
        • Massage: Our shower head features multiple massage settings, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for your body and mind.


        • Name: 3-Settings Adjustable Shower Head
        • Type: Handheld Shower Head
        • Material: ABS Plastic + Silicone
        • Color: Black / Grey
        • Interface: 20mm (0.79 inches)

        Key Features:

        • Wide use: Our shower head is suitable for all ages and abilities, making it perfect for families, campers, and individuals with disabilities.
        • Standard Interface: Our shower head fits any standard size shower arm, ensuring easy installation and a secure fit.
        • Adjustable: Our shower head features three adjustable modes, allowing you to customize your shower experience to your liking.

        Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all shower head; upgrade to our 3-Settings Adjustable Shower Head today and experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience!

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