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95000PA Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cordless Cleaning Machine

95000PA Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cordless Cleaning Machine

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Unleash 95000PA of powerful suction with this compact, cordless handheld car vacuum. Easily remove dirt, debris, and pet hair from your car's interior or any tight space.

  • Wet & Dry Functionality: Tackle spills and messes with ease.
  • Strong Suction: 95000PA power for thorough cleaning.
  • Portable & Cordless: Lightweight and maneuverable design.
  • Multi-Purpose: Includes a variety of attachments for versatile cleaning.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy convenient cordless cleaning.


  • Available Color: Black
  • Style: Modern, Minimalist
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Power (W): 80w
  • Voltage (V): 11.1 V
  • Function: Wet and Dry
  • Special Suction Nozzle: Multifunctional Combined Brush
  • Certification: CE

Package Included:

  • 1 x Handheld Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner
  • 1 x Multifunctional Combined Brush
  • 1 x Charger
  • User manual

Important Information:

  • Check the size chart before ordering.
  • Review shipping terms for delivery estimates.

Version overview:

【Updated version】

【Updated Version】

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Sturdy ABS
  • Motor: Upgraded Brushless Motor for enhanced efficiency
  • Suction Power: 95,000 PA
  • Battery: Dual 2000mAh units
  • Charging: Convenient USB boost charging
  • Noise Level: Quiet operation at ≤52dB
  • Additional Features: Includes six accessories for comprehensive cleaning needs
  • Weight: 550g (1.2lbs)

【Basic version】

【Basic Version】

  • Color: Classic Grey
  • Material: Durable ABS
  • Motor: Standard motor
  • Suction Power: 8,000 PA
  • Battery: Dual 2000mAh units
  • Charging: Standard USB boost charging
  • Noise Level: Low noise operation at ≤52dB
  • Additional Features: Includes six accessories
  • Weight: 520g (1.2lbs)

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Advanced Noise Reduction Technologies:

  1. Air Duct Optimization: Minimizes wind resistance and noise.
  2. Component Fit Enhancement: Reduces vibration.
  3. Noise Reduction Materials: Utilizes GEDE BAO composite cotton for quieter operation.
  4. Exhaust Pipe Improvements: Lessens exhaust noise.
  5. Dynamic Balance: Decreases rotor vibration.
  6. Impeller Design: Optimizes airflow and noise levels.
  7. Motor Suspension: Minimizes resonance.
  8. Brushless Motor Technology: Reduces mechanical friction.

Enjoy long-lasting battery life and robust performance with our dual-core frequency conversion chip, intelligently managing power to ensure sustained and effective cleaning across larger areas.

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